Just Add Power. CheckVideo Ruggedized ourdoor Mbile Sentry (CMS4000) is the only complete, cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution that uses wireless networks to send video data.

CheckVideo® Low Profile Mobile Sentry (CMS1200) is a complete, cloud-based, mobile intelligent video surveillance solution. It's a plug-and-play, highly portable system that uses wireless networks to transmit video data. Just add power.

How It Works

1 Install CMS1200 on site and add power
2 Point cameras at areas of interest
3 Log on to the CheckVideo Web Portal to configure and manage cameras and detect events of interest — person, vehicle, object
4 Get real time video alerts sent to your customer, central station or authorities
5 View live, alert, and 24/7 recorded DVR video anytime, from anywhere
6 Move CMS1200 to the next location you want to monitor



> Retail
> Commercial and Residential Properties
> Vacant Real Estate
> Warehouses and Storage Depots
> Construction
> Education
> Healthcare


Solution Components


CheckVideo Software Services
Professional Service: For users who monitor their own video.
Central Service: For third-party remote monitoring; integrates with central station automation software.

The CheckVideo Web Portal allows for remote system configuration and management. It stores events of interest in the cloud, providing easy access from anywhere and backup in case of tampering at the site.

The CheckVideo cameras detect the presence of people, vehicles and objects and send event alerts to the CheckVideo Web Portal, smartphones, emails, or the central station monitoring interface. The cameras include built-in DVR storage and several mount options for indoor or outdoor use.

The cameras are pre-configured to work with the router in the CMS1200 solution package.

The compact, pre-configured CradlePoint 3G/4G broadband router enables Wi-Fi communication to the CheckVideo camera, as well as to the Sprint nationwide network. No IT network setup is required.

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